An Introduction

You and I have a shared vision.  I am driven by a desire to redefine wedding films through extraordinary storytelling — and you’re searching for something different; much more than a wedding film, you want an experience that allows you to relive your day moment by moment in a beautiful, timeless and cinematic film.

My films are stories about people, places and of course love. For me, there’s something quite amazing about having the opportunity to retell a once-in-a-lifetime compelling love story, to offer my clients the ultimate experience and to deliver an exceptional film which is unique, authentic and soulful.

I’m Emma and I’m a storyteller with a passion for cinema.   I’ve spent the past decade capturing love and joy across the globe and I believe every story, like yours, is unique and extraordinary and deserves to be told exceptionally.

“There is no greater power on earth than story”
– Libba Bray

Working as a journalist and filmmaker at the BBC for over twenty years has taught me a really powerful lesson – no two stories are the same. I draw on that knowledge and past experience to ensure that each and every one of my clients has a wedding film unlike any other. I am the chosen filmmaker for couples who don’t just want their wedding day filmed but their story told.


It’s not just me, my awesome team also share your vision!

The Film Collective is a formidable team of accomplished filmmakers who all share the same storytelling philosophy and style of filming.

As the Creative Director (and because I am a stickler for perfection) it’ll always be myself who edits your films and tells your story.


I understand that time is of the essence so I’ve composed this short film and invite you to take just a few minutes to immerse yourself, get a sense of what we do, our philosophy and how we can work together on your vision.

The best stories always end up being about the people rather than the event. “A single story can change everything” and with that in mind, I use my craft and expertise to bring your story to life.

I’m excited to announce that I’ve just been awarded the accolade of

Best Luxury Destination Wedding Videographer

In the LUX Life Global Wedding Awards 2021 

As an acclaimed wedding videographer within the industry, I’m officially recognised by Canon for my work and training of others in the industry. 

I am also an Ambassador for ‘Women Who Photo & Film’ and ‘Rise: Professional Female Photographers’ and recently featured in the renowned US photographer publication, Rangefinder, as one of the main female influencers in the wedding film industry.

Story Of Your Day is recommended by exclusive planners and luxury wedding industry suppliers throughout the world, appearing in Tatler as well as on many wedding blogs, such as French Wedding Style, Magnolia Rouge and Style Me Pretty.


As well as being a ‘filmmaker, storyteller and visionary’, I’m also a ‘mother, a dog-mum, a sailor and skier, fondue-fiend and gin-lover.’

I’m a slave to my business but I’ve never been happier and had so much freedom,  I’ve travelled to fantastic destinations and met amazing people along the way.  Telling their stories has given me great joy.

For most of my working life, I fulfilled my passion for storytelling working as a newsreader and Video Journalist at the BBC.  But after twenty years working in various newsrooms and on a variety of news & current affairs programmes I resigned.  My dad, my greatest fan, didn’t talk to me for three months!  But I knew I’d made the right move because I’d felt unfulfilled and a little ‘hemmed-in’.  That’s when Story Of Your Day was born.

I now have a job which is also my passion and allows me to say something and be heard, make a positive impact and enjoy a good living.

I’m also a wife, a mum of two fabulous boys and a gorgeous hound, called Voltaire.  In 2016 we relocated to Switzerland, to a car-free ski resort called Wengen, which is high up in the Jungfrau Region of the Alps.

I recently made the commitment to film one ’Story For The Soul’ or “Passion Project’ each year, in order for me to give something back to a person, community or a good cause.

The first of these was the story of Frau Hodel, who, after thirty-three years, was retiring from the village primary school where I live. I wanted to allow her to look back on her time with fond memories and a feeling of achievement. The film certainly made an impact on her and those she’d made a difference for in her long career.

I’m also passionate about sharing my knowledge and expertise with others in the industry so I’m a leading brand ambassador for several campaigns, a videographer trainer and mentor as well as running my own Facebook group to support and inspire female filmmakers.

I recently asked my friends to describe me in three words. Of those I’m happy to share 😉 They said …. passionate, loyal, inspiring, helpful, loyal, tenacious & driven, confident and honest.


We all have a story to tell.

Our life now … where we’ve come from … and how we arrived here IS a story.  Now you’ve heard mine, I’d love to hear yours.

12 million girls are married each year.  That’s 1 girl every 3 seconds,

Every girl should have the right to choose if, when, and whom she marries. Too often, child marriage robs a girl of her choices and opportunity. She may be forced to leave school. She may experience violence or have a child before she is ready.  She is more likely to experience poverty and remain in poverty throughout her life.

Your wedding has the power to have lasting impact beyond your vows for millions of girls every year.  By VOWing your wedding, when you say I do, you can give a girl a chance to say I don’t or not yet.

Just ask me how you can help this awesome charity and I’ll send you all the details you need.

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