Wengen Proposal, Switzerland

I could not speak highly enough of Emma from Story of Your Day! She helped me to arrange every step of my proposal process from idea to delivery. The experience could not have been more personal.
Most important of all is that Emma knows how to make you completely comfortable, understands you and what your preferences are and makes sure she captures the moment exactly as you dreamt it.
My review barely scratches the surface of how much Emma delivered. There is no one else to call if you’re planning a Swiss proposal!


Lake Como Italy

Brooke and I received our full wedding film and it is amazing. Emma’s unique way of capturing the story as part of using the videos is what sets her apart. 
We did a ton of research before picking our videographer and could not have chosen better. We will always have this beautiful memory of our day to look back on and could not be more thankful. 
Thank you for your dedication to creating this story of our day(s)!!!


Wengen Elopement, Switzerland

Just wow. We couldn’t be more pleased.
We LOVE our wedding video!!! It’s so beautiful! Our wedding day was a dream come true, and now we have the chance to relive it over and over again.
That is the best gift you could possibly give us!
You were professional, kind, and amazing at what you do. Everything was perfectly done and we will never forget this experience.
Thank you, Emma!!


South of France

I’m a filmmaker myself and so our films had to be perfect and produced by someone I could trust to do a great job. I’m actually speechless at just how awesome our wedding films are… a true reflection of our weekend.

Oh and I’m thinking of auditioning for James Bond because Emma made me look and feel THAT good!



Gstaad, Switzerland

Emma and her team did an exceptional job in capturing and preserving one of the most memorable days of our lives.

Extremely professional, involved in the whole planning (gives amazing tips) and really goes beyond the wedding to capture the story of our relationship and the beginning of a marriage.

She’s a true artist as she weaves every musical note, moment, look, smile, sob, and kiss into the magical story of your day that you can watch over and over again and share with family and future kids.

We can’t thank you enough Emma



Graz, Austria

We are wedding photographers and videographers ourselves. We have adored her work for years, so it had to be Emma.  She proved her incredible artistic sensitivity and brings it to any party she documents. When we received our film within the first few seconds our hearts jumped with joy. Emma put together a storyline that was surprising and thoughtful, fun and light-hearted – precisely like our wedding day experience was. Thank you for being our videographer, mentor and friend.



Schloss Oberhofen, Switzerland

Emma crafted the story of our day in a way that no one else could. She is one of the most dedicated, thoughtful, and creative people we have had the pleasure to work with, and we are so pleased with the way our story came together.  Emma’s creativity was able to truly shine when it came to crafting the narrative of our story. She’s such a brilliant storyteller and a masterful videographer.



Fiss, Austria

For our adventure winter wedding it took us ages to find a videographer. Mainly because we wanted to go SKIING in our wedding apparel and of course, we wanted a quality video of that! Not only was Emma able to come with us on ski’s, she also filmed almost every minute of our wedding day! Afterwards she made us the most beautiful wedding video and took the time to make it perfect for us.

We are overjoyed we found Emma, because not only is she fun to be around, she gave us the valuable tools to relive our wedding whenever we want and recall the most beautiful moments of our day!



Schloss Gurhof, Austria

Wow Emma! Tears are rolling down my face!

I LOVE it, it’s so beautiful! You couldn’t have captured our day any better. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Our wedding day was really a dream for me, but you give me and us the chance to relive it over and over again.  I have the same butterflies I did on that special day. That is the best gift you could possibly give us!  You are the best, Emma!”



Lake Blausee, Oeschinensee & Wengen, Switzerland

My fiancé (now wife) and I had the most wonderful time of our lives eloping in Switzerland and we are so happy that Emma was able to film these moments for us. The way Emma is able to capture and retell the story of the elopement was just amazing and we HIGHLY recommend Emma for your special day and create your own forever memories.



Kilkea Castle, Ireland

We were not prepared for the emotional impact Emma’s work would have. Having hum’ed and haw’ed over investing in a video, a retrospective view is that it is our most valued asset from the day. Knowing it was all being captured allowed us to be wholly present for our special day. Months after the wedding we still delight in regularly re-living these moments, the beautifully edited footage never fails to raise a happy tear and transport us back.



The Alpina Gstaad, Switzerland

We loved Emma’s work because it was so different from others. Our wedding film was outstanding. It wasn’t just a curated collection of events and people but a story – a narration of what brought us together and why they are meant to be.



Chateau St.Julien, France

Actually the best gift you could have given her was a amazing Videographer!” Before I commissioned Story Of Your Day, I watched endless films of Emma’s and I fell in love with the aesthetic of the films.  Emma is a straight talking visionary – She captured everything so beautifully that we will now have amazing memories all in one place where we can see them whenever we want to! We feel very blessed… so if you haven’t already… Book Story Of Your Day!



The Ritz & Palais Garnier, Paris

Why Story Of Your Day? The answer is really simple: when our wedding director showed us works of different videographers, Emma stood out. We immediately felt the intimacy of her storytelling. That’s exactly what we were looking for: someone who can go beyond just taking beautiful and cinematic shots, to capture the heart & soul of the wedding. We knew that with Emma’s 20 years’ experience at the BBC, it would be second nature to her to make our story come alive & make people watching it feel as if they were there.



Aldby Park, England

Story Of Your Day are incredible! The team is professional, passionate and truly care about you and your day.  We fell in love with Emma, she’s the perfect energy to have around on the day and her creative vision and attention to detail is fantastic.

Thank you Emma for capturing our special day so beautifully and for being a joy to work with.



Marquee Wedding, England

We have just received our final Wedding film and we couldn’t be happier with how it has turned out. We have watched it over and over and have had so many compliments on the style of the video and the creative way that it has been edited. Emma and her team are incredible, they were a pleasure to work with from start to finish. We were amazed at how discreet the filming on the day was whilst still managing to capture every single important moment. We couldn’t recommend Story of Your Day enough!



La Fortaleza, Mallorca

Emma took the time to understand the vibe we wanted at our wedding by speaking to me beforehand and getting to know me. We were probably a videographer’s nightmare in that we didn’t want guests to be aware she was there, yet somehow Emma managed to get some incredible footage and, even more impressively, fantastic audio. Rewatching the film now gives us goosebumps. Emma captured the spirit of our wedding weekend and created visually gorgeous films that each have their own storyline, whether it’s the one or the 30 minute version.



Grandhotel Giessbach, Switzerland

This day meant so much to us, and that’s why we chose Emma to create a wedding video capturing those precious moments that photos simply cannot.

We absolutely loved her creativity and editing style in telling our story. Emma masterfully captured elements of our special day and created a timeless masterpiece of the love shared on our wedding day.



The Sertig Valley, Davos in Switzerland

Story of Your Day was absolutely amazing! My husband and I were married in Switzerland in the same church my grandparents were married 72 years ago, and we wanted to tell their love story as well as ours. Emma was wonderful! She totally took our vision and story and made it something beyond what we could imagine. We were able to share the video with our family and friends at our reception in Dallas as well.



Domaine de Vincente, France & Malibu, USA

Choosing Emma from Story Of Your Day, was the best decision we made.  Her sense of light, exposure, background and framing of shots was fantastic!  Her background from the BBC was obvious in her professional but personable approach to all phases including editing. She surpassed our expectations and we were so impressed with the quality of work.  We can’t thank her enough.



Hengrave Hall, Suffolk, England

We placed a lot of importance on natural photos and recording, as staged shoots are a little artificial to our taste. Emma did not disappoint; We wanted a discreet, professional videographer who wouldn’t ask too much of us on the day when we knew we’d be pulled in all directions. We got all of that and a lovely person thrown in for good measure. We are delighted to recommend Story of Your Day.



Goldsborough Hall, Yorkshire, England

We cannot thank Emma enough for creating the most beautiful, personal and unique wedding video imaginable. She has captured our story in the most special way, and we now have all our memories from our wedding day in such a perfect video. We cannot recommend Story of Your Day enough to future bride and grooms….It was without a doubt the best decision we made!



The Willows, Melbourne, Australia

Working with Emma was an absolute pleasure. It was the best thing we did to remember our wedding.  Everyone says the day will fly by in the blink of an eye and it really does, so having it captured makes a huge difference.  We wanted someone who could capture our love story, someone who showed empathy and who cared.  If getting the best meant flying you from Europe then that’s what I was prepared to do.

Shahad and Abdullah


Fairmont Le Montreux Palace, Switzerland

Working with you was an absolute delight. The films were beautiful and cinematic and truly made me relive my day. I reached a point where I literally watch them every night before bed just to feel like a bride again. They really did tell the story of my day and portrayed it as even more beautiful. There were things I did not remember happening that I noticed from the films. This truly was the best decision I made regarding my wedding.