The Story Of You

Elevate Your Brand with Professional Branding Films, Photography, and Social Media Content

Brought to You by Story Of Your Day’s Creative Director Emma Wilson, ‘The Story Of You’ Offers Custom Content Creation Concepts for Entrepreneurs and Visionaries Across All Industries.

Helping small business owners and entrepreneurs attract more customers with personal branding films, a ‘Gallery’ of engaging video content, and professional photographs.

It’s Time to Engage and Book Your Dream Client…

Are you struggling to connect with potential clients online?
Falling behind competitors who dominate the digital landscape?
Overwhelmed by the constant demands of social media?
Do you lack the standout content that showcases the best of you and your business?
Or are you wanting to create engaging content yourself but unsure where to start?

If these challenges resonate with you, it’s time for a change. With decades of experience, storytelling is woven into my DNA, enabling me to capture and elevate the essence of your brand like no other. I excel in bringing out the best in people and their businesses—helping you not only shine but thrive.

“I think that everyone is entitled to be visible in their industry and that’s why I want to help others get a little bit closer to achieving their business goals with an exceptional branding film”


Explore how our comprehensive content creation concepts can elevate your brand today, tomorrow, and into the future. With the option to enhance your package, take full advantage of my expertise through hands-on training, empowering you to continue building on the narrative we create together.


Creating Personal Connections: Empowering Freelancers, Consultants, and Small Business Owners

In the digital landscape, every brand has an ‘About Us’ section – yet not all make a lasting impression. For freelancers, consultants, and small business owners, the true connection isn’t just about what you offer; it’s about resonating with your audience on a personal level. This deep connection could be the deciding factor in whether you secure your next commission or job.

It’s not only your work that needs to shine – it’s you. Your individuality is your greatest asset in a crowded market. Communicating your ethos goes beyond written words. In an online world where most content is skimmed rather than read, establishing a relationship through visual experiences is not just beneficial; it’s essential.

To illustrate the impact of personal branding through video, take a moment to watch the film above from my ‘Evolve Videography Training’ website. This example showcases how effective visual storytelling can captivate and communicate a personal brand’s essence more powerfully than words alone.

Visuals serve as a bridge, transforming your unique personality into something tangible and relatable. Yet, not everyone realizes the power of a film. A branding film does more than depict—it engages. It allows you to interact with your customers in a dynamic way that neither photographs nor text alone can achieve.

For freelancers, consultants, and small business owners aiming to make a significant impact, these films are not just tools but necessities.


Cat Ekkelboom-White
We Are the Wanderers Photography
Cat Ekkelboom-White
We Are the Wanderers Photography
Louise Perry
Destination Wedding Planner
Louise Perry
Destination Wedding Planner
Hayley Hoyle
Creative Director, The Bridal Lounge
Hayley Hoyle
Creative Director, The Bridal Lounge

Enhancing Your Social Media Strategy with Your Personalised Content Gallery

Elevate your social media strategy with your very own bespoke content gallery, a tailored collection of videos and photographs co-created to reflect your unique brand identity. 

This premium resource is meticulously curated to enhance your online presence and empower your brand with content that’s as distinct and valuable as a private art collection. 

Engage and captivate your audience with custom-crafted materials that are elegantly organised and ready for strategic deployment, ensuring your brand not only stands out but also commands attention.

Scaling Up with ‘The Story Creatives’:
Tailored Video Solutions for Larger Companies

As your business grows and your storytelling needs expand, ‘The Story Creatives’ is here to assist. Specialising in corporate video and branding films, we offer services designed to resonate on a global scale. 

If your company requires a broader reach and more sophisticated media solutions, ‘The Story Creatives’ provides the expertise and innovation to take your corporate presence to the next level.

Telling your story

Emma Wilson is an award-winning Audiovisual Storyteller and one of Europe’s leading female wedding videographers. Working as a journalist and filmmaker at the BBC for more than 20 years taught Emma a really powerful lesson – that no two stories are the same.

“I draw on my knowledge and experience to ensure that all of my clients have a branding film unlike any other and impactful content creation. Being a high-end videographer is all about having the opportunity to provide creative filmmaking, powerful storytelling and allow my clients to engage with their audiences with an exceptional film”


I consistently help businesses connect with their audiences and stand out in their industries. Here’s what clients have to say about the transformative impact of our collaboration on their brands…

Kind Words

‘Emma holds a creative vision she wants to produce in each branding film. She was able to take my thoughts from our interview and bring them to life in a way I never expected. The video that Emma produced was really ‘me’ and spoke to my own creative work. It was a delight to work with her and I’m more than pleased with the video. I did a ‘happy tippy-toe dance’ when I received it.’

– Rebecca Lachance, Portrait & Landscape Photographer

‘Having watched Emma’s films and receiving personal recommendations, I knew she was the right person for the job. During filming, her direction and guidance were invaluable, helping me to overcome on-camera nerves and come across in an authentic, natural way. She even managed to work to my super tight timescales. I’m absolutely thrilled with the results and have recommended Emma to my industry colleagues!’

– Louise Beukes, Wedding Blogger

‘If you’re thinking of having a personal branding video shoot then Emma from Story Of Your Day is the person to do this for you. She really put me at ease in front of the camera and I am so pleased with the result. My film is just perfect for my brand and my website..’

– Amanda Karen, Wedding & Branding Photographer

Empower Your Storytelling with Expert Training

Beyond crafting exceptional branding films and visual narratives with your content gallery, I also offer hands-on training sessions designed to empower you and your team.

Learn from the best and gain the skills needed to produce compelling content on your own. Whether you’re looking to handle content creation in-house or simply enhance your understanding of the process, our expert guidance is tailored to meet your needs.

Choose your perfect Branding Package

Don’t wait to make a lasting impression. Choose from our comprehensive content creation packages today and start captivating your audience with a story that only you can tell. Let’s create something extraordinary together.

Essentials Branding Package


Ideal for those needing core branding materials to establish their presence.

• 2’30 Branding Film: A concise yet impactful film that highlights your brand’s key messages and identity.
• 25 Professional Images: High-quality images to support your brand’s visual identity and marketing efforts.

Enhanced Branding Package


Perfect for businesses looking to significantly boost their brand visibility.

• 3’00 Branding Film: A dynamic film that showcases your brand’s story and values.
• 50 Professional Images: Stunning images that represent your brand’s unique character and services.
• Exclusive Content Creation Gallery: Carefully selected video clips and photographs to enrich your online presence and engage your audience effectively.

Comprehensive Branding Package


This all-inclusive package is designed for those who want a complete branding overhaul.

• Includes everything in the Enhanced Branding Package, PLUS:
• All Raw Video footage files and 100 images
• Hands-on Training: Learn how to create and manage your own engaging content with personalised training sessions with me, an experienced Videographer Trainer, including:
• Advice on Equipment: Recommendations for the best equipment to suit your needs and budget.
• Filming Techniques: Tips and tricks to capture quality video footage.
• Basic Editing for Social Media: Guidance on editing your videos to make them social media-ready.

Optional Add-Ons

• Additional Video Clips: Expand your content gallery with more personalized footage to keep your audience engaged.
• Extra Photography Sessions: Capture more professional images to further enhance your brand’s visual appeal.
• All Raw Video Footage and photographs

Don’t wait to make a lasting impression. Choose from our comprehensive content creation packages today and start captivating your audience with a story that only you can tell. Let’s create something extraordinary together.

The ‘Story Of Your Day’ Case Study

As founder and Creative Director of Story Of Your Day, I understand that clients choose a videographer based on their films and affordability. Positioned at the luxury end of the market, my unique style and high prices mean I must work hard to persuade clients to invest.

I offer an ‘experience,’ not just a ‘product,’ and it’s crucial that clients share my vision and ethos. To achieve this, I build relationships from the start, using my wedding film portfolio, testimonials, and an engaging film about me – my ‘BrandStory.’

Capturing the essence of you, your brand, and what you offer in a unique film can make all the difference. A ‘Story Of You’ film will be styled and crafted to complement your existing branding, showcasing the person behind the brand and the service you offer.

Ready to showcase your unique story and connect with your audience like never before? Fill out the contact form below, and let’s start crafting your exceptional brand experience today.

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