“Every great love starts with a great story”

Nicholas Sparks

A single story can change EVERYTHING. When you commission Story Of Your Day I use my craft, skills and expertise to translate your story into a film that allows you to relive that moment again and again, along with all the wonderful feelings and memories it evokes.

I understand that time is of the essence so I’ve composed this short film and invite you to take just a few minutes to immerse yourself, get a sense of what we do, our philosophy and how we can work together on your vision.

Not hiring a videographer is a couple’s biggest regret but investing in something that might not measure up to your expectations is an even bigger risk, both emotionally and financially.  I understand your dilemma because no one wants a film they might not enjoy or want to share with their friends and family.

In Story Of Your Day you’re placing your trust in an award-winning and accomplished team, where your day, your story and the experience of reliving this all over again in a beautiful and cinematic film is our passion. Not only that but as Creative Director, I limit the number of commissions we accept to make sure you, as my client, gets the best from me and my creativity.

In order to bring your story back to life, it’s really important to work with like-minded people who love my work and who are equally passionate about making this journey together.

Instead of ‘packages’, I offer three types of highly-curated commission, loosely based on elopements, intimate weddings and more lavish celebrations. It’s essential we work together to ensure you’re getting the best possible value for money and an investment to last a lifetime.


“Emma is one of the most dedicated, thoughtful, and creative people we have had the pleasure to work with!” 

“When we received our film, within the first few seconds our hearts jumped with joy.” 

“We were amazed at how discreet the filming on the day was whilst still managing to capture every single important moment.”



  • Complete enquiry form to request a ‘Guide to Commissions’
  • Book a complimentary call to discuss your vision
  • Select and secure your commission
  • Relax while knowing your story is in safe hands

I’d like to get to know you better so we can work together on your vision and your story.

Let’s get started …