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Emma Wilson, the Creative Director of Story of Your Day, is based in Wengen in the Jungfrau Region and is the chosen wedding videographer in Switzerland for discerning couples, like you, who are looking for a truly unique way to relive your most treasured moments with an exceptional film.

“I grew up in the UK but after a short stay with my family in the mountains we soon realised that Wengen could become our ‘home’ and we just couldn’t leave. I am so fortunate to be living in a Swiss mountain village in one of the most beautiful countries, with an abundance of awesome locations and stunning destinations for proposals, elopements and weddings and even vow renewals in the Swiss Alps.”

“The mountains are calling, and I must go.”

– John Muir

You’ve landed on this page if you’re looking for something different for your wedding. Perhaps it’s an elopement or an intimate wedding with just a handful of guests and you’re looking at ways your wedding film can reflect that.

Here at Story Of Your Day, we are dedicated to capturing the essence of your intimate wedding or elopement.  Based in the heart of central Europe, we have the advantage of being perfectly situated with easy access to other breathtaking Alpine countries. Switzerland, in particular, offers an abundance of awe-inspiring nature, along with our extensive knowledge and expertise, ensuring a truly unforgettable experience for your elopement or intimate wedding.

There’s so much choice open to you, so if this sounds enticing to you but you’ve not yet decided how to make this happen, then read on.


Are you a couple seeking an elopement that truly speaks to your hearts?

An elopement is a testament to your commitment, a deliberate choice to prioritize your connection above all else. It’s about escaping the noise and expectations, and embracing a day that is exclusively yours. We wholeheartedly believe in the power of these intimate celebrations, where every detail and moment is an authentic reflection of your love story.

We understand the significance of this intimate journey and the desire for a wedding experience that revolves solely around the two of you. At Story Of Your Day, we are here to celebrate and document your love story in its purest form.

Not only that but you love nature and that is exactly where you want to share your vows with one another.

Well look at this place … we have everything right here in one tiny little country slap-bang in the centre of Europe.  Within an hour, I can be skiing on the top of a mountain or chilling by a beautiful bluer than blue lake in the valley.  (Not usually in the same season of course!)

And that’s why the Jungfrau Region in Switzerland is the perfect location for an Elopement or indeed a vow renewal.


While I specialise in filming elopements and intimate weddings in the Jungfrau Region, I do offer my videography services throughout Europe as well. I have captured several elopement stories in European cities as well as iconic locations such as Lake Como in Italy.


Michelle + Mike
A stunning elopement at Blausee, Oeshinensee & Wengen


‘What true love is all about’
A beautiful same-sex elopement in Wengen, Switzerland

In line with our commitment to sustainability, we prioritise filming elopements within Switzerland. By focusing on capturing the beauty of nearby locations, we minimize our carbon footprint and support the preservation of our local environment – this is especially important to us and why we work very closely with local farmers to ensure we respect their land and boundaries.

Choosing to film elopements locally allows us to fully immerse ourselves in the nature and unique settings of our region, creating a more authentic and meaningful visual narrative for your special day.

Rest assured that by opting for our services, you’re not only receiving exceptional videography but also contributing to a more sustainable and eco-conscious approach to your wedding memories.

At Story Of Your Day, we offer two distinct options for your wedding film experience to ensure that extraordinary films are accessible to a wider range of clients while upholding the same standards of excellence that define the exclusivity of the Story Of Your Day brand.  Choose the cinematic experience that resonates with you, guided by Emma’s expertise and passion for crafting extraordinary wedding films.


Experience the epitome of luxury wedding filmmaking with Emma as the Creative Director, either filming solo on elopements and intimate weddings or leading her team on larger scale weddings and events, to bring your vision to life.  This is Story Of Your Day’s premium offer attracting discerning clients from all over the world, who don’t just want their wedding filmed but their story told. Discover more …


Alternatively, commission the exclusive artistry of Team Emma, where her collective of talented and exceptional filmmakers (and skiers) capture your wedding or event in her signature style. The whole process from planning, filming to editing is overseen by Emma to ensure the quality of commission only Story Of Your Day can offer.  Learn more about Team Emma:

Emma Wilson, is one of Europe’s leading female wedding videographers and a passionate storyteller and filmmaker. She also lives in the perfect Swiss Elopement location!


Are you dreaming of an elopement or proposal in the Jungfrau Region or Bernese Oberland but have nothing planned?…

We can help.

‘The Swiss Concierge’ is our in-house planning and logistics team and we offer a comprehensive and exclusive package designed for couples looking to exchange vows in an elopement or plan a proposal amidst the captivating beauty of this Alpine paradise.

With our all-in-one solution, you can enjoy the convenience of planning and logistics, stunning photography and film coverage, and even fabulous accommodation in Wengen, all seamlessly coordinated through a single point of booking.

Our travel expert, James, can also put together a full travel itinerary for your entire stay in Switzerland coordinating travel, booking hotels and planning excursions.

Our aim is to provide you with a truly unforgettable proposal or elopement experience while also allowing you to explore the wonders of Switzerland before or after your special day.

“My fiancé (now wife) and I had the most wonderful time of our lives eloping in Switzerland and we are so happy that Emma was able to film these moments for us. We really appreciate that Emma took the time to connect with us to get to know each other and prepare us for our big day.

Emma’s partner James put together the rest of our itinerary for the rest of our stay in Switzerland which was awesome. We couldn’t have done it without them!”

Mike + Michelle
Image by MA Love Photography

In Life, it’s not where you go.

It’s who you travel with.


So you’re not a fan of big weddings then?  The expectation and the extravagance of just one day when you truly feel that a marriage should just be about you sharing your vows with just a few close friends or family who matter to you most.

And that’s great because in the wake of recent times, love has found a new way to shine with a shift towards smaller, more intimate weddings, reminding us of the true essence of love and celebration.

With my intimate knowledge of the region, I will guide you to breathtaking locations, ensuring that every frame of your film showcases the magic that only the mountains and nature can provide.

Our approach to filming is unobtrusive and discreet, we will document the moments of your day as they unfold naturally.  Our goal is to create a timeless keepsake that authentically reflects your unique love story.


Brittany + Ryan
A Beautiful love story from The Sertig, Switzerland

Alex + Pete

‘A love to last forever’

An awesome three-day wedding event around the Lech Skyspace in Austria

‘The bridge across forever’
A gorgeous gay wedding on Lake Thun in Switzerland

Lake Blausee Elopement, Jungfrau Region


‘For our adventure winter wedding it took us ages to find a videographer. Mainly because we wanted to go SKIING in our wedding apparel and of course, we wanted a quality video of that! Not only was Emma able to come with us on ski’s, she also filmed almost every minute of our wedding day! Afterwards she made us the most beautiful wedding video and took the time to make it perfect for us.’

– Irene + Koen, Fiss Austria

‘Story of Your Day was absolutely amazing! My husband and I were married in Switzerland in the same church my grandparents were married 72 years ago, and we wanted to tell their love story as well as ours. Emma was wonderful! She totally took our vision and story and made it something beyond what we could imagine. We were able to share the video with our family and friends at our reception in Dallas as well.’

– Brittany + Ryan

‘Emma crafted the story of our day in a way that no one else could. She is one of the most dedicated, thoughtful, and creative people we have had the pleasure to work with.’

– Ian + Brandon

At Story Of Your Day, we offer two distinct options for your intimate wedding experience.
Explore the epitome of luxury wedding filmmaking and audiovisual storytelling with Emma Wilson, as the Creative Director, to bring your vision to life. Alternatively, experience the exclusive allure of Team Emma, overseen by Emma, where her exceptional team captures your special day in her signature style. With both options, you can expect nothing short of exceptional service, unrivaled cinematography, and attention to detail. Simply choose the cinematic experience that resonates with you and embark on an unforgettable journey with Story Of Your Day.

Please note ‘Team Emma’ commissions are only available for Intimate Weddings and not Elopements or Vow Renewals in Switzerland.

Throughout the whole process, we’ll work together on your vision and combine that with my years of experience in the industry and my passion for Elopements and Intimate Weddings all over the world.

I pride myself on my philosophy of ‘integrity without compromise’ and work hard to achieve the highest level of excellence throughout your whole experience.


As Creative Director of Story Of Your Day, I want to redefine wedding films, change how they’re perceived and in doing so, offer something unique and exceptional to all my clients.

I don’t make wedding films. I tell stories about people, places and love — and they just so happen to be getting married …

Working as a journalist and filmmaker at the BBC for over twenty years has taught me a really powerful lesson – no two stories are the same.  I draw on that knowledge and experience to ensure that each and every one of my clients has a wedding film unlike any other. 

There’s something quite amazing about experiencing and feeling a story and then retelling it in a unique film that brings the story back to life.  As my clients, you also share the same ethos and passion.

“Everything I do is inspired by you.  We’ll work closely together to tell your unique and extraordinary story.”


…and that’s what I want for you as my client.  To watch back your wedding film and to feel you’re in the moment all over again, to relive it and all the emotions it evokes within you.

I will discreetly capture moments of the day as they unfold naturally and bring them back to life in an authentic, timeless and cinematic-styled film.  I usually arrive on location a day ahead of the wedding itself so I can gather footage of the surrounding area, venue and of course get to know you and your story, with a pre-wedding shoot.

With Story Of Your Day, you’re investing in an unforgettable experience and an exceptional way of remembering it.


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Working in collaboration with The Swiss Concierge I can also help you plan your intimate wedding and elopement in the Berner Oberland and surrounding areas of Switzerland.

  • Please note ‘Team Emma’ commissions are only available for Intimate Weddings and not Elopements or Vow Renewals in Switzerland.

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