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Story Of Your Day by Emma Wilson
Luxury Destination Wedding Photographer

My films are stories about people, places and of course love. For me, there’s something quite amazing about having the opportunity to retell a once-in-a-lifetime compelling love story, to offer my clients the ultimate experience and to deliver an exceptional film which is unique, authentic and soulful.

A women with a Camera telling your story…

This is where it all began for Emma. Capturing the story from her individual and unique perspective and retelling it in a beautiful, timeless and cinematic way.  Emma has now Europe’s leading wedding videographer and sought after filmmaker.

As Story Of Your Day evolved, so too has the brand, into a highly acclaimed luxury wedding film company, known throughout the world.  With Emma Wilson at the helm, Story Of Your Day offers an unparalleled experience and a range of offers to suit your unique vision.


Introducing Story Of Your Day’s Premium Service …

Experience the epitome of luxury wedding & event filmmaking with Emma Wilson.  This is Story Of Your Day’s premium offer attracting discerning clients from all over the world, who don’t just want their wedding filmed but their story told.

Emma Wilson is an accomplished Audiovisual Storyteller and one of Europe’s leading female wedding videographers.  Having worked as a journalist and filmmaker at the BBC for more than 20 years taught Emma a really powerful lesson – That no two stories are the same.

Emma draws on her knowledge and experience to ensure that all of her clients has a film unlike any other.  

“I don’t make wedding films. I tell stories about people,

places and love — and they just so happen to be

getting married …”

Emma works as a solo filmmaker on proposals, elopements and on small & intimate weddings with a profound sense of intimacy and authenticity.

Michelle + Mike
A stunning elopement at Blausee, Oeshinensee & Wengen

Brittany + Ryan
A Beautiful love story from The Sertig, Switzerland

With Emma’s passion for storytelling and her ability to work with you on your vision, your film becomes a living work of art.  Every film is unique and will reflect the essence of your love story for timeless keepsake that will be treasured for generations to come.

For luxury weddings, lavish events or prestigious galas, Emma seamlessly transitions into her role as a Creative Director as well as filmmaker to bring together an awesome team of filmmakers to create an awe-inspiring cinematic experience.

“Luxury is attention to detail, originality, exclusivity and above all quality.”

– Angelo Bonati

At your wedding or event, Emma personally spearheads her team of hand-picked highly skilled videographers to ensure a seamless and exceptional experience throughout.  Each member of her team has been hand-picked, vetted and trained to meet Emma’s highest standards of excellence.

From the initial consultation to the final film, Emma will collaborate closely with you, to bring your unique vision to life. She understands that your wedding day is an expression of your personal style, and is dedicated to curating a film that reflects your distinct personality, taste, and the luxury of your celebration.

Each film is a testament to Emma’s dedication to excellence, capturing the essence of your special occasion with meticulous attention to detail and a distinct artistic vision.

‘A new way of living life’
A stunning Indian wedding event in Gstaad

Niko + Philipp


An awesome three-day wedding in Cannes with a party vibe.

Belle + Ed

‘Fool who loves you’

An exclusive three-day wedding on La Fortaleza, Majorca

When you commission Story Of Your Day’s Emma Wilson premium offer, then of course you can also expect the best when it comes to service.   Emma believes in the power of collaboration, working closely with you to understand your unique desires and translate them into an extraordinary cinematic experience.

With her central base in Switzerland, Emma is perfectly situated to film weddings and events not only in Europe but also around the world. Her strategic location allows her to seamlessly capture every kind of celebration spanning continents.



South of France

I’m a filmmaker myself and so our films had to be perfect and produced by someone I could trust to do a great job. I’m actually speechless at just how awesome our wedding films are… a true reflection of our weekend and absolutely awesome.


Why Story Of Your Day? The answer is really simple: when our wedding director showed us works of different videographers, Emma stood out. We immediately felt the intimacy of her storytelling. That’s exactly what we were looking for: someone who can go beyond just taking beautiful and cinematic shots, to capture the heart & soul of the wedding. 

Shweta and Rahul

We loved Emma’s work because it was so different from others. Our wedding film was outstanding. It wasn’t just a curated collection of events and people but a story – a narration of what brought us together and why they are meant to be.


As Creative Director of Story Of Your Day, I want to redefine wedding films, change how they’re perceived and in doing so, offer something unique and exceptional to all my clients. 

I don’t make wedding films. I tell stories about people, places and love — and they just so happen to be getting married …

Working as a journalist and filmmaker at the BBC for over twenty years has taught me a really powerful lesson – no two stories are the same.  I draw on that knowledge and experience to ensure that each and every one of my clients has a wedding film unlike any other.

There’s something quite amazing about experiencing and feeling a story and then retelling it in a unique film that brings the story back to life.  As my clients, you also share the same ethos and passion.

“Everything I do is inspired by you.  We’ll work closely together to tell your unique and extraordinary story.”


…and that’s what I want for you as my client.  To watch back your wedding film and to feel you’re in the moment all over again, to relive it and all the emotions it evokes within you.

I will discreetly capture moments of the day as they unfold naturally and bring them back to life in an authentic, timeless and cinematic-styled film.  I usually arrive on location a day ahead of the wedding itself so I can gather footage of the surrounding area, venue and of course get to know you and your story, with a pre-wedding shoot.

With Story Of Your Day, you’re investing in an unforgettable experience and an exceptional way of remembering it.

Throughout the whole process we’ll work together on your vision and combine that with my years of experience in the industry.

I pride myself on my philosophy of ‘integrity without compromise’ and work hard to achieve the highest level of excellence throughout the whole experience.

‘The best stories always end up being about the people rather than the event. “A single story can change everything” and with that in mind, I use my craft and expertise to bring your story to life.’ – Emma

With this, our premium offer, Emma will also personally edit your films.  Her utmost goal is to surpass all expectations and to bring to life the vision of each and every client in their own individual and unique film.

With her signature style – The Art of Storytelling through Cinematic Filmmaking – Emma will hand-craft your film using meticulous frame by frame ed

Emma approaches her work with an open-minded ethos, free from prejudices and filters.  She seeks to collaborate with clients who share this mindset, embracing diverse perspectives and unique stories. 

With Emma, you can expect a direct and genuine collaboration, where your vision is respected and brought to life in a wedding film that reflects your individuality and authenticity. 

Story Of Your Day 2017 Videography

Emma is a well-respected wedding videographer within the industry and regularly films high-profile events for major Wedding Industry players.

“Emma and her team are so much more than wedding filmmakers. To create a set of mini-masterpieces encompassing our conference highlights and three very different evening events is no mean feat and she pulled it off spectacularly. If you want a seasoned filmmaker who can work with any brief, choose Emma.”
James Lord, CEO RSVP

Emma is also a highly sought after speaker with a natural flair for communicating with audiences. As an experienced and engaging TV broadcaster for the BBC, ITV and Sky News, she is a master of the platform and her passion and enthusiasm for her work always inspires creativity and enthusiasm.

She is officially recognised by Canon for her work and training of others in the industry. 
Emma is an Ambassador for ‘Women Who Photo & Film’ and ‘Rise: Professional Female Photographers’ and recently featured in the renowned US photographer publication, Rangefinder, as one of the main female influencers in the wedding film industry.

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