Stunning Snowy Wedding in Gstaad, Switzerland

by | Feb 12, 2022

Chantal and Richard’s wedding was held at the beginning of January 2022 at The Huus in Gstaad.  A beautiful and exclusive wedding venue and five star hotel in the heart of the Swiss Alps.  After a covering of snow on the morning of the wedding day itself it really was picture perfect and such a dreamy wedding and gorgeous love story to capture.

“We really wanted a winter wedding and when we visited the Huus, the character and ambience of the hotel was unparalleled. The managers were all so warm and easy to talk to, food amazing and just near the slopes! It set the bar so high that when we went to other hotels in other neighbouring ski resorts and in Gstaad, there just wasn’t anything like it, it felt like us”, Chantal told us.

This magnificent wedding was the first of 2022 for Story Of Your Day and not only that but after smaller, intimate weddings during Covid-restrictions, this wedding was a return to ‘normal’.  While  numbers were still limited and precautions were taken – this was very much a party wedding that not only the bride and groom had been looking forward to but also all the guests.

Guests had traveled from all around the world to celebrate this wedding with Chantal and Rich.  It was just so perfect and made even more special when the couple woke up to a massive snowfall overnight, which obviously meant amazing images for the photographers and footage for me as a filmmaker.

Some couples don’t like to trudge around in deep snow but Chantal and Rich loved it and I can’t help thinking that Rich looked a little like James Bond!

When we first met over Zoom in late 2021 Chantal told me that her and Rich love hanging out together, that they’re best friends! 

“We’re balcony people as Rich likes to say, we can sit for hours talking and laughing no matter what balcony in the world and in whatever temperature. We love reading books, relaxing and watching shows and movies, we obviously love skiing and going to the mountains but equally love going for swims be it in cold oceans or warm seas. We like listening to music, it’s a big thing for us, listening to different songs that speak to us. When we met we bonded over the songs of La La Land and our ultimate song is Gravity by Sarah Bareilles.”  I mean who doesn’t love the movie ‘La La Land’?

For Chantal and Rich – what means the most to them is ‘quality time, living our life to the fullest, never taking anything for granted and making every moment count together, with our kids, with our families (including the furry one), in our humanitarian work/careers, with our friends and everyone we meet along the way.’

When I asked them why they chose me to capture their story, Chantal told me …

“I love your ethos about telling a story and not just recording the day for us. We’ve been through so much to be where we are today and we didn’t want just a pretty video but something that has a narrative and captures the essence and sentiment of the day.”

Here’s their beautiful trailer from their awesome wedding.

Venue: The Huus, Gstaad

Photographers:  The McHendrys

Emma and her team did an exceptional job in capturing and preserving one of the most memorable days of our lives.

Extremely professional, involved in the whole planning (gives amazing tips) and really goes beyond the wedding to capture the story of our relationship and the beginning of a marriage.

She’s a true artist as she weaves every musical note, moment, look, smile, sob, and kiss into the magical story of your day that you can watch over and over again and share with family and future kids.

We can’t thank you enough Emma????, ” Chantal

I can completely agree with Chantal’s (my wife’s) comments below – the whole team was fantastic before, during and after our wedding. Thanks so much to Emma and Matt. Memories for a lifetime,”  Rich

I love filming weddings in my home country of Switzerland and if you’d like me to tell your story then have a look my bespoke Swiss Page to learn more about why I am the go-to wedding videographer in Switzerland for discerning couples, planners and also exclusively recommend by Switzerland Tourism.

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