Wedding films: Buying the Raw Footage



Raw footage is comprised of all of the content filmed throughout your wedding day – it is typically comprised of .mov files.

We call it ‘raw’ because nothing has been done to the content after it was captured. It hasn’t been edited, colour corrected, colour graded, or had the audio remastered in any way. It is plain, unprocessed data.

At Story Of Your Day, we try to keep all footage from all weddings for as long as possible – after all it is a valuable asset to our business. But it is not always possible to do so due to the huge amounts of data storage this requires. At every wedding we capture between eight and 12 hours of media across all our cameras, which our Creative Director Emma scours for the best footage to include in your story.

Sometimes a particular moment isn’t included because it doesn’t fit your story’s narrative, the music or sequence. And with many of our couples tending to prefer shorter films, it would be simply impossible to include everything in just minutes.



Many of our clients choose to later buy this footage either as an insurance policy going forward or for them to actually watch back. In the raw footage, you’ll get to see many candid shots of friends and family that weren’t included in the final cut.

This has proved particularly important to couples who want to remember special loved ones. Having the raw footage also allows you to take screengrabs for photo albums, which is definitely an added advantage.

When we send the raw footage we also include all the film files, so if you haven’t downloaded them from Mediazilla you’ll have a back up of them on your hard-drive. You can upload the edited film files to a USB.



Bear in mind that as well as all those lovely smiles and funny off the cuff moments, the raw footage will also include less important or exciting moments. Such as when busy waiters or guests stand in front of the camera or that moment when the page boy has a coughing fit near to the microphone.
In fact, the footage will include hundreds of short clips that can be as short as a few seconds or as long as your entire wedding ceremony. That’s why we often recommend that anyone wanting everything on their online gallery should commission a FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) edit.

It is also important to remember that the audio recorded during your wedding is remastered during the editing process for your edited films ONLY.

Remember, my skill is editing your wedding footage into a memorable cinematic film that you can watch over and over again.



If you would like to receive all your video footage, there is a post-production cost and we ask you to provide us with a 500GB external hard drive to copy it over on to or we can source this for you if it makes it easier.

As per our terms and conditions, footage cannot be edited by a third party and permission for it to be used by a third party of you both must be sought beforehand.