Wedding Videography in Australia – A couples’ reaction

by | Dec 10, 2017

Wow what an adventure that was… a wedding on the other side of the world.

I’ve recently returned home from Australia after filming the most awesome wedding in Melbourne for an adorable couple, Sally and Geoff.

I’ve actually known Sally for about 12 years but when she asked if I’d be prepared to travel almost 12, 000 miles to film her wedding to Geoff I actually thought she was joking.

Why me, why Story Of Your Day? Surely there were plenty of videographers she could use in Melbourne without having to fork out a fortune in travel expenses.

“When we booked the venue I had a look at the recommended videographers. All were stock standard videos and all seemed so impersonal and run of the mill and that’s not what I was looking for. I wanted someone who could capture our love story, someone who showed empathy and who cared. Your films on Facebook instantly showed that you care and are passionate about what you do. If getting the best meant flying you from Europe then that’s what I was prepared to do. It was an easy decision after comparing your work to what I’d seen here.”


wedding videography in AustraliaAll photography by Con Tsioukis at Icon Photography

It IS a long way to travel for a week but it was so well worth it. As I was staying there for a couple of days before the wedding, I was able to do some pre-wedding filming with them and I was also there after the wedding for a few days so I made a short sneak peek for them.

In what was a first for me, I decided to show them the film while I was with them. In fact I filmed their reaction on my iPhone…

Sally + Geoff // The viewing from Story of Your Day.

They watched the film over and over again and in quick succession. Every time they watched it, they spotted something new.

If a picture paints a thousand words, imagine what a film can do?

For me, someone who is passionate about my work and the biggest reward being happy clients, it was great to watch them watch the sneak peek. It proved to me, beyond any doubt, that a wedding film can offer couples much more than moments captured in still photos… it brings memories of the day back to life, makes it feel real again, along with all the emotions of the day.

I guess very much like watching them watching the sneak peek, it was so much more fulfilling than any written testimonial. Seeing their smiling faces, their tears of happiness and overjoyed reaction was justification of a job well done for me too.

Geoff also explained that they loved seeing what each other were doing in the morning before the wedding itself, something that he said photos couldn’t achieve as well.

“The bride and groom each get to see the others experience of the run up to the ceremony itself, and a video is far better than just photos for that. We were both able to relax on the day and be in the moment all day knowing that every moment was being captured beautifully”


This might have been the furthest I’ve travelled so far to a wedding, but for this alone, it was so well worth it.

Full trailer to follow soon, but here’s the sneak peek in full screen view…

Geoff + Sally // A sneak peek from Story of Your Day.

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