Thank you for inviting us to capture your wedding.  Now you’ve paid your deposit and completed your booking form your date is secure and we’re ready to roll.

Here’s a few questions and answers you might now have…


What happens now?


If you have booked your wedding well in advance of the day, the next time you will hear from us, unless you contact us directly with specific questions, will be 60 days before the wedding. We will send you an invoice for the outstanding balance to be paid plus a ‘wedding details form’, which we ask you to complete with as much detail as is possible. We understand some elements might change before the actual wedding.

If you have booked your commission within 60 days of the wedding then we will send you the wedding details form as soon as you have completed the booking form and your paid your agreed fee.

Will we speak again before the wedding day?


Yes we will. A link to Emma’s diary will also be sent at the same time as the ‘wedding details form’ for you to arrange another Zoom consultation with Emma to go through all the details. Please allow one hour for this call and make sure you’ve completed and returned the wedding details to us before the meeting.

Can we contact Story Of Your Day if we have any issues or changes to our plans, like a venue change or significant change in timings on the day?


Of course you can. Please initially make this contact by email to [email protected] because we need all changes to be in writing. Emma will call you back and chat these changes through with you.

What happens if we need to postpone or cancel?

Weddings sometimes need to be cancelled. We strongly recommend that all couples take out comprehensive wedding insurance to protect themselves from costs if they need to cancel. If you want to postpone or cancel the wedding you MUST notify us in writing to [email protected].

If you’re postponing your wedding then we will move the commission to your new date IF Emma, or her team, is available. The commission fee will change if our prices have increased and we will inform you of that when you get in touch.

If you’re cancelling the wedding, then please refer to our terms and conditions. For more details this is our policy:


a. Weddings sometimes need to be postponed. We strongly recommend that all couples take out comprehensive wedding insurance to protect themselves from costs if they need to cancel.
b)  You may request to postpone the date of filming at any time by giving written notice to [email protected].
c)  We strongly suggest you liaise with Story of Your Day with regards to availability before securing a new date.
d) If Story of Your Day is not available to film your wedding on the new date you will not be entitled to a refund of the booking fee or any expenses incurred ie flight tickets, train tickets and hotel bookings
d) You accept that the The Story Of Your Day camera operator may change for the new date.
e) If the postponed new date is in the same year as the original agreed date, there will be a surcharge of 250CHF (or whatever currency you paid in), unless agreed otherwise.
f) If your postponed new date is not in the same year as the original date then the fee for your booking will be increased in line with any annual price increases for commissions.
a. Weddings sometimes need to be cancelled. We strongly recommend that all couples take out comprehensive wedding insurance to protect themselves from costs if they need to cancel.
b. You may cancel this booking at any time by giving written notice to [email protected].
c. Refunds are only available subject to us not carrying out the services set out in paragraph 4 of this agreement.
d. Subject to paragraph 4, you shall be entitled to recover the following amounts following cancellation of the agreement for services:
i. As compensation for loss of income for us, ‘Story Of Your Day’, the following charges apply as a percentage of the total fee due. (Number of days before the wedding):
0-60 days = 100%, 60-90 days = 75%, 90-120 days = 50%, 121+ days = 25%
If you, The Client(s), cancel your contracted wedding videography services with ‘Story Of Your Day’, your deposit is non-refundable.
ii. if you cancel more than 14 days following us entering into this agreement you, The Client(s) will cover any expenses incurred by us in connection with this agreement, such as hotel bookings, flight bookings, travel arrangements etc.


Once we have filmed your wedding, this is where the really hard work really begins, creating a beautiful story for long-lasting memories of your amazing day…

When will we get our film(s)?


We do appreciate how excited you must be knowing that you have a film on the way but we hope you can be a little patient.

Emma edits all the films Story Of Your Day covers and has a 16-24 week lead time as stated in our agreed T&Cs (which may be longer if your wedding was in peak wedding season) and this is because during the summer months we are busy filming weddings almost every weekend.

We know you booked us because we do not adopt a ‘sausage factory’ production process and Emma is very proud to have a philosophy of ‘integrity without compromise’.

All wedding films are edited in the order they’re filmed.

Please rest assured, when Emma comes to editing your film it will have her undivided attention and it will not be rushed. That way you will have beautiful, timeless and cinematic wedding film that you can enjoy for years to come.



If you really cannot wait that long, then you can chat to Emma about a ‘fast-track’ edit, where your wedding skips to the top of the production queue. This isn’t always possible but if it is then the fee is 10% of the full agreed commission.

Is there a chance to see something/anything sooner, like with a Sneak Peek?


A 1’00 minute Sneak Peek is becoming increasingly popular. If you haven’t arranged this at the time of booking it may still be possible, depending on the timing of your wedding, to arrange this. A stand-along Sneak Peek can be commissioned and will be delivered to you via a WeTransfer link so you can upload to your phone and add to Instagram and Facebook for instant impact after the wedding.

It can, in most cases, be done within a week of your wedding. But this is negotiable at the time.

The rest of your films will remain in the edit schedule unless you choose to fast-track them too (as above).


How will our films be delivered?


Your Trailer will be delivered first on a personal webpage you can share on social media. We can also send you the Vimeo link but we advise against this due to recent changes on how Facebook shares video material.

All your films are delivered to you via your own personal online gallery, where films can be downloaded from up to a year after.


What do you need from us in the meantime?


You can help us by completing our Photography and Music form


What if we have any special requests to include or exclude from the film?


There’s various information in our Terms & Conditions about what we can and cannot capture on the day and how you can help us by filling in your wedding details form comprehensively and also about your requirements on what is included in your film.

If, after the wedding, there’s something you specifically want in your film, please email us and if we’ve captured it we’ll do our best to include it. If there’s something or someone you don’t want in your film, you must make us aware of this.

Changes like these, after the edit, are naturally chargeable.

Do we get to select the music for our films?


You can provide us with music ideas for your main feature film but must adhere to the points laid out in my terms and conditions with regards to music licensing laws i.e you cannot share your main feature on the internet, apart from as part of your online gallery, due to the use of commercial usage and this is your responsibility.

For your trailer I will select the music, unless otherwise agreed in writing.  If you wish to choose the music to be incorporated in the Trailer, you can select this through the directory at as I not allowed legally to use unlicensed music for any films potential shared online.

Can we make changes to the films once we’ve received them?


Should a technical error appear on your films online, please notify Emma within 14 days of delivery and this will be rectified as soon as is possible.

All editorial and creative decisions are made by Emma, as Creative Director with 15 years of storytelling and editing experience. Any changes or updates that are at your discretion are chargeable, please see the T&Cs for more details. You’ll also need to pop them in writing to Emma and set up a call to discuss them.

Please be aware that even small changes take a lot of time. The films are carefully edited to music, frame by frame, and if you request a shot to be included that isn’t in the film already then another shot will have to be removed.

The cost of the edit and download and upload times are taken into account as well as the editorial hours worked on a re-edit.

What else can we invest in as a keepsake on film?


As well as a Sneak Peek and the Fast-Track option you can also opt to have your speeches and ceremony in full as multi-camera films. It’s better to decide upon these after the wedding day as Emma will have a better an idea then of whether these films will add value to your online gallery. This is down to the fact some speeches can be so short and sweet, that a film is just not worth it. Whereas you can have a mammoth 20-minute hilarious speech from the Best Man.

The price of these films are dependent on length of speeches and ceremony so ask for a quote from Emma.

Can we share our full film from the online gallery on social media?


While you can share your Trailer on social media and on the internet, this isn’t possible for your full film because of music licence laws. When you agreed to the Terms & Conditions you agreed that you would not download and share the full Film of The Day and share over the internet. Please ensure you keep to this, otherwise you could face a rather large fine.

You can however share the link and the password of your online gallery to friends and family… just not the film directly.

What happens to our footage after you’ve edited the film?


Story Of Your Day keeps all your footage for one year. Ahead of that time we will be in contact to ask you if you’d like to purchase it. You’ll need to pay for the footage (although you are not buying the rights to the footage – see rights usage below) and provide us with a hard drive to send it on.

Who does the Intellectual Property rights of the footage belong to?


In all cases, the Intellectual Property (including copyright) belongs to Story Of Your Day. This means, as per the T&Cs you cannot edit the footage yourself not can a third party on your behalf. If you require the footage for commercial use or for your own personal gain or promotional purposes then you must only do so with the agreement of Story Of Your Day.

Can we use our footage for commercial purposes, sell to publications or any social media?


Yes, but as above, only with permission and written agreement of Story Of Your Day. There may be a fee for this and Story Of Your Day MUST be credited in all cases, at all times.

Can we use our wedding film for a blog?


We love wedding blogs and are often asked to submit our weddings to them. If you wish to share the Trailer with a blog, this needs to be in agreement with Story Of Your Day and we must be credited.

How will you use my films in public?


We absolutely loved filming your wedding and would love to share your film with others. As a small business this is our only shop window so to be able to share some of your footage means so very much to us and will help Story Of Your Day commission more wonderful weddings like yours. We appreciate you may have some concerns about where we want to share your film so we’ve produced a simple ‘consent form’.