Swiss Alpine Mountain Proposal at ‘The Top of Europe’

by | Nov 15, 2018

Keith wanted his proposal to Zoyi to be the ultimate surprise. And, because she had never seen snow but had always wanted to, he knew that the Swiss Alps would be the perfect destination.

The long haul from Hong Kong never concerned him, so he put his plan into action by first treating Zoyi to a holiday in Switzerland… on her own.

Little did she know that he was on the next plane over to Europe and landed soon after in Zurich to surprise her, the first of many.

After spending a few days here, they made their way to Grindelwald in the Bernese Oberland. Close by to Story Of Your Day HQ, Keith made plans with us to have ‘a tour’ on Kleine Scheidegg –  a mountain pass below and between the Eiger and Lauberhorn peaks.

The couple were on a tight schedule, with plans to travel to Zermatt after a day or two so there was only a small window of opportunity for the proposal itself.

We met them at Grand Station and travelled up the Jungfrau Railway system towards JungfrauJoch (the highest railway station in Europe) which would be their final destination before leaving the area.

It was on their journey up to the ‘Top Of Europe’ when they took a pitstop to warm up in the cosy restaurant with a hot chocolate.

Meanwhile outside in the heavy snow, myself and Cindy from Switzerland Wedding Company, who was taking photos, set the scene… laying down rose petals in a heart-shape.

The weather in November is often unpredictable and so it was on that day… thick snow falling on the mountain and unfortunately on this occasion completely blocking the view of the North Face of The Eiger… but this didn’t bother Zoyi at all because she was just so excited to be able to touch snow.

Keith asked Zoyi to ‘trust in him’ and ‘place her future in his hands’ before he asked her: “Will you marry me?”

And, as you’ll see from the film, there was absolutely no hesitation.

If you’re think of popping the question and looking for ideas, or if you already have an idea of where and when, then contact me at Story Of Your Day.

We can help you plan and finesse your ideas for the perfect Swiss proposal in the mountains, lakes or cities of Switzerland.

Videography – Story Of Your Day
Photography – Swiss Wedding Company

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