When Dogs Photobomb the Wedding Photos

by | Sep 16, 2020

Allow me to indulge myself in my love of dogs …. not just in general but dogs at weddings! Just for a few moments, as I take myself back in time to a gorgeous wedding at The Orangery in Settrington, Yorkshire this summer.

As weddings go, this was really, really stunning. But, I have to confess, there were a pair of four-legged friends there who truly made my day… so this is a little ‘dog blog’.

When I turned up first thing in the morning to film the bridal preparations, I was greeted by two gorgeous  English Springer Spaniels, Merlin and Sam.

They seemed to be guarding the gate by the cottage that Victoria was getting ready in. But, they were in fact very welcoming to me and all the wedding suppliers coming and going during the mad morning rush.

Victoria told me about Merlin during the booking process and the important role he plays in their lives.

“We adore our little dog Merlin, a cheeky and slightly weird English Springer Spaniel, who has been part of our family sine June 2013. He’s Richard’s first ever pet, so holds a very special place in his heart and walks together are special private times for us.”

During the day – after the ceremony, in which they did not attend, alas – they played in the grounds while the guests mingled, enjoying ice cream sundaes and playing lawn games. Those with a ball didn’t work out too well… gun dogs with a playful nature wouldn’t allow that.

I often get asked by clients whether they should have their dog at their wedding. I have to say, if I were doing it all over again, there’s no way I would leave my dog at home.

One of the first weddings I filmed in 2019 in the Spring, was of Stephanie and Mark at Howsham Hall between Malton and York in North Yorkshire.

Just like Victoria, Steph’s beloved 11-year-old boxer Tito played a major role in their day – walking down the stairs.. and even bringing the rings down the aisle!

Steph knew that Tito was getting on a bit and asked if I’d make sure to capture him as much as possible during the day.  He features lots in their main film but also in their Trailer and Staccato Story.

Unfortunately, shortly after their wedding. Tito passed away. But Steph told me that she’s so pleased she had a wedding videographer there to capture those precious moments on her big day.

Fast forward to the late summer and let’s return to Victoria and Richard’s wedding. Merlin happily obeyed for some of the portrait session. Look I have evidence and proof!

But as golden hour approached, myself and the photographers, Dom and Zoe, realised that we were up against time before the First Dance. And then, it wasn’t such plain sailing!  This series of screen grabs pretty much tell the story…

And, while Victoria and I kept our heads – and even found it a little amusing – the groom, Richard, didn’t find it quite as amusing as we did!

photobombing dogs

I’m afraid I saved all the dog footage for their private film but here’s their gorgeous wedding trailer anyway…

Dogs at weddings? I love filming your four-legged friends in all their glory on your special day!

I am lucky enough to live in Switzerland where dogs are welcome almost everywhere and recognised as our companions in life.  I lost my beloved Harry, a Cocker Spaniel, this summer. He was 17 and the glue in our family.  So I totally get you, that you want to bring your dog to your wedding.

If you’d like discuss bring your dog to your wedding and how we can incorporate them into your story please contact me directly.

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