Why it’s time to ‘Elope to Switzerland’

by | Jul 26, 2020

Elope to Switzerland! Hoping to get married in 2020?  Well the good news is that Switzerland has eased coronavirus restrictions and opened its doors to entry for all EU citizens and those from the UK.

And, as I write this in March 2020, Switzerland is the safest country in the world right now for Covid-19, according to a massive 250-page report by the Deep Knowledge Group published by Forbes. Yippee!

♥ All religious services and celebrations have been allowed since the end of May
♥  Restrictions on restaurants were lifted in early June.
♥ Public and private events of up to 300 people are permitted.
♥  Salons and florists are open.
♥ Public transport is operating to a standard timetable (people wear face masks at rush hour).
♥  The risk of contracting the new coronavirus in Switzerland is currently moderate, according to the country’s Health Office.

So, what are you waiting for?

If you had to postpone your grand wedding this summer but still want to tie the knot, why not keep the date and enjoy a more intimate moment with your partner in a breathtaking location.

With REAL mountains, STUNNING scenery, SPARKLING blue lakes, Swiss-clock PRECISION transport, CAPTIVATING glaciers and – most importantly – CLEAN air, Switzerland is more than ideal for elopement weddings.

Bigger cities, including Zurich, Lausanne, Bern and Geneva, are full of historic buildings, including picture-postcard castles and botanical gardens, usually set against those all important amazing backdrops of rivers and lakes.

While smaller alpine villages have a picturesque charm – and, yes, you will most likely hear clanging cowbells and the distant bleat of mountain goats and cows. Music to my ears now, here in my home in the car-free ski resort of Wengen.

Some of you may think of Switzerland as a winter wedding or holiday destination for the colder months – there is the most amazing skiing locations here after all – but you’d be missing out on the fields of glorious alpine flowers that shine through in summer months.

Here is a collection of glorious venues where I have filmed some beautiful weddings.


Giessbach Falls (Giessbachfälle) is a glorious waterfall behind a historic hotel spilling into the stunningly turquoise Lake Brienz.

Situated by the falls is the historic Grand Hotel Giessbach – often chosen by couples for a unforgettable wedding.

You can walk up to the falls and even into the falls and have your photo taken with the gorgeous lake in the background from inside the falls.

The waterfall is at its strongest and noisiest in the spring as the snow melts and as the summer arrives the water lessens.


Schloss Oberhofen is a fairy tale historic castle on the edge of the wonderful Lake Thun (Thunersee) near Bern.

The impressive keep of the former fortress of Oberhofen was likely built in the early 13th Century and alongside its beautiful castle are gardens with a museum of Bernese culture and a smoking parlour.

It’s the perfect venue to set up for an outdoor ceremony in the gardens of the castle and the only way to arrive in style is by boat.

You can hire your own boat privately to take you and your guests from Thun over to the castle and why not have fondue on your journey?

The views from the lake are stunning and the sunset just blew us all away, so be prepared to be taken off by your videographer and photographer for lots of portrait sessions.


Why not take your place on the rooftop balcony of a cableway cabin – the Grindelwald Männlichen gondola cableway and the Wengen Männlichen aerial cableway are now open daily from 6 June until 25 October 2020.

Simply amazing views.


The Reformed Church of Davos Frauenkirch (Reformierte Kirche Davos Frauenkirch), is a tiny 14th century venue in a stunning setting of rolling pastures in an Alpine valley.

The gorgeous white church is located in Davos, a picturesque town in the Swiss Alps.

The countryside here is amazing so take yourself out of the city and into the surrounding alps and mountains for the best photo opportunities. The Sertig Valley is a ‘deadend’… at the end is an amazing restaurant which only the locals know about so you can avoid the tourists – Hotel Walserhuus Sertig, housed under the mountain peaks of Hochducan and Mittagshorn.


Blausee is a amazing mountain lake, nestled in a 20 hectare large nature park with a landscape formed by a rock slide that led to the creation of the lake.

With the most stunning crystal-clear water in a magical turquoise, the lake certainly lives up to its name – translates to ‘The Blue Lake’.

If you want to get married here now is the perfect time because it’s usually quite crowded with tourists but currently all the tourist spots are really quiet so you’d have the place to yourself!

What you need to know about getting married in Switzerland.

This useful webpage explains all that is required to get married in Switzerland, including fees and witnesses.

You can also discover news about Switzerland as a wedding destination, be updated on what’s going on and learn more about how to plan a wedding in the country to help your plan to elope to Switzerland.

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