A paragliding adventure proposal in Jungfrau Switzerland

by | Sep 1, 2022

A lot of work goes into the planning of a mountain proposal in the Swiss Alps.  And when a client asks this memorable moment to be filmed … then there’s lots of logistics involved in that too.  Here at Story Of Our Day, working alongside The Swiss Concierge, we have that nailed and have now have the perfect solution for the perfect mountain proposal and elopement.

As an elopement and proposal videographer and photographer, I help all my clients bring their vision into reality so they can experience their special moment ‘in the moment’ while I capture it on film and with photos.

Vikram, from Dallas in the U.S.A, approached ‘Story Of Your Day’ about two months before his planned trip to Switzerland with his mother and his girlfriend. He had no idea of an itinerary, no idea of where to stay, and no idea of the activities he could do during his vacation.    What he did know was that at some point in their ten day holiday in Switzerland, he wanted to propose to his girlfriend, Dimple, and that’s where we came in!

As well as filming weddings and elopements, Story Of Your Day specialises in capturing wedding proposals. Often, this is when the client has decided to visit Switzerland and they need help with organisation and planning too.  That’s where my husband James comes in, with The Swiss Concierge, and helps arrange the logistical side of their stay.

In terms of Vikram and Dimple, he arranged three days in Wengen in the Jungfrau Region, a few days in Zermatt, and three days in the Waldhaus in Sils Maria near St Moritz.

James was able to arrange their hotels, the trains between locations and all their activities during their stay.  He also acted as a tour guide during their stay in Wengen and that helped me put a plan together for the wedding proposal itself.

For the proposal, we needed good weather, and there wasn’t any for a few days so Vikram and Dimple went on a day excursion to Lucerne and Brienz.   This also helped them relax and get over their jetlag. 

On the morning of the proposal, we arranged for Vikram, Dimple and Vikram’s mother Meeta to travel up to the Männlichen mountain area before the cable car opened to the public.  We went up on the ‘workers and staff cable car’ which only had us on it, which was pretty exclusive. Vikram and Dimple travelled on the open-air balcony at the top of the car.  Once we got to the top station on the mountain James acted as a tour guide while I ran off to set the cameras up in a hidden location and after about ten minutes James led Vikram and his family to the spot.

Vikram took Dimple by the hand and led her to the bouquet of red roses marking the place where he should stand for the big moment. Dimple had no idea of what was going on until the very last moment and then it was happening anyway.

He got down on one knee and of course Dimple said yes!

After all the excitement had calmed down and Dimple had called her parents to give them the good news, we had a photo and film session on the mountain but as it was a little cloudy we decided to take a rain check until later on in the afternoon, where we took a stroll around the village and took more photos and filmed more of them enjoying their walk. James even took them to the local farmers cheese cellar where they tried some local cheese and some Schnapps.

The following day we were up early, back onto the Männlichen and the sun was shining giving us a chance to have another photo and film shoot. After that Vikram and Dimple went paragliding and I filmed them taking off and their instructors filmed them on their journey all the way to Interlaken.  We all met up again a few hours later and went up another gondola to Grindelwald First and Vikram and Dimple went on the adrenaline ride The First Glider.  All of these moments were captured in their photos and for their film.

It was an action packed few days in Wengen and then they went on their way to Zermatt where they stayed at the Hotel Sonne and enjoyed amazing views in around the village infamous for The Matterhorn. Finally, the family took The Glacier Express train to St Moritz and stayed at the Waldhaus, which is an amazing five star hotel in Sils Maria.

“It would be an understatement to say that the 24 to 36 hours you spent with me and my fiancé were all it took for you to make our film, our day, our year, and may be the most memorable day of our lives. Your photography and videography skills are definitely admirable and remarkable but the personal touch and care make it a very lovable experience for the couple. You definitely care about the story and the journey. The final film shows that. 

We ended up watching this almost 3 minute film with our entire family and loved ones for the first time and the joy and tears in everyone’s eyes are a way bigger testament to you than I can ever write.  All I can say is Thank you for all you’ve done for us. You are an integral part of our story now. ”


Throughout their following  days in Switzerland, they remained in contact with us sharing their excitement and stories of their journey and sending us pictures and videos of everything they were doing.

If you want us to help plan your surprise proposal or elopement as well as capture on film and in photos, you can find out more here and also contact me directly here.

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