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by | Sep 15, 2022

As a destination wedding videographer, living in the heart of Switzerland is just awesome for having the best locations to film Swiss wedding proposals, alpine elopements and intimate mountain weddings. As well as the beautiful lakes, perfect for weddings in the summer, there’s also the mountains.  

In fact I am surrounded by nature, which lends itself to the perfect wedding, elopement and of course proposals.   I have filmed lots of proposals in Wengen, where I live … a tiny Swiss mountain village in the Jungfrau Region of Switzerland with a stunning proposal backdrop of The Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau.

In the last five years there has been a real shift in the wedding industry.  While I still film many grand weddings with 100-plus guests in chateaux and luxurious venues around the world, intimate weddings are becoming much more popular in the Alpine regions of Europe.

One of the more recent weddings I captured with just a handful of guests was that of Alexandra and Pete at the Lech Skyspace in Austria.  Their plan was to get married in the mountains with only their closest family and friends and then when they returned to the U.S.A they would have a bigger party.

It was my job to film their wedding over three days and then get a trailer ready so that they could share it at the party a week later …. No pressure there then 😉 

The other change I have noticed is the increase in the number of adventure weddings.  An adventure wedding is more about the whole experience around how you choose to get married … most couples who have an adventure wedding are active and outdoorsy and feel right at home having a wedding on a mountain.

These weddings are stories about the couples personalities and how they tick and for me as a videographer, usually means I have to join them and film them in order to capture their story.

It’s a good job I am right at home filming on a pair of skis …. Even if I have to adopt the amateur ‘power snowplough’ technique to get the best footage.

I have to confess I am a skier not a snowboarder so while I have filmed couples who are snowboarding and skiing I much prefer the latter, like with Irene and Koen’s wedding in Fiss in the Austrian Alps.

They brought their friends along from The Netherlands … again choosing a smaller, more intimate theme for their wedding.

Elaine and Alexander didn’t have the snow or skis but were full of adventurous spirit when they tied the knot at the delightful Villa Villette in Cham, Switzerland. What a magnificent setting overlooking Lake Zug.

Alex had arranged a surprise helicopter flight over the Alps for his new bride and although it sadly rained all day, we enjoyed instead an open-top cable car ride up to the Maennlichen, a 2,343-metre mountain in the Swiss Alps located within the Canton of Berne!

One of the first intimate weddings I captured was that of Brittany and Ryan. At the time, having 14 guests was really out of the ordinary. Of course that has changed post-Covid but really wasn’t that common before then.

When Texan couple Brittany and Ryan decided to travel all the way to Switzerland to emulate a wedding from 1946, I couldn’t wait to be involved. 

The pair headed to a Davos to marry in the same mountain-side church as the bride’s grandparents. This was followed by a marvellous celebratory dinner at Hotel Walserhuus Sertig, housed under the mountain peaks of Hochducan and Mittagshorn.

And one of the first intimate weddings I ever filmed in Switzerland was that of Jess and Cory.

Talk about a destination wedding – they travelled all the way from Australia to tie the knot at the stunning Lake Blausee – a romantic forest lake in the mountains. Followed by a grilkota at the Sunstar Hotel in the ski resort of Wengen.

And what about proposals – of course I have filmed a fair few winter wedding proposals and you can read more about them on this blog, WINTER ADVENTURE WEDDING & ELOPEMENT FILMS AND PHOTOGRAPHY IN THE SNOW.

I’ve also had the pleasure of filming a few summer proposals as well.  In the summer of 2022 Vikram brought his girlfriend over from Dallas and spent ten days in Switzerland.  

For three days, he, his girlfriend and his mother stayed in Wengen and made a surprise Swiss Alps marriage proposal to Dimple in view of The Eiger, a 3,967-metre world-famous mountain of the Bernese Alps.    

Oh and then he and his new fiance went paragliding… pretty adventurous if you ask me.  Here’s their story…

Unlike many other wedding videography companies, I don’t just rock up to a wedding and film the day, then churn out a formulaic film. When couples book Story Of Your Day, I work closely with you to tell your individual, unique story.

Everything I do is inspired by you. I will discreetly capture moments of the day as they unfold naturally and bring them back to life in a beautiful, timeless and cinematic-styled film. 

I’m also the go-to wedding cinematographer for elopement weddings, surprise proposals and pre-wedding shoots.  

If you’re wanting a winter wedding, elopement or proposal with sledging and snow fun or take advantage of the beautiful spring and summer sun, then there’s no better place than the mountains!

Please take a look at either my Swiss Wedding Film Service or my Austrian Wedding Film Service page.

I also have a Swiss Wedding Concierge Service – to help with planning, logistics, excursions and travel arrangements.

Please book your complimentary and no-obligation Zoom session with Emma to chat through your wedding plans by contacting us directly here.

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