Top tips for choosing your perfect Wedding Videographer

by | Feb 3, 2018

Photo by Kate Nielen

Here’s a handy guide to help you in your search for a videographer for your wedding.

1. What Wedding Film style are you looking for?

Before you engage on what could be a long-winded search for your perfect videographer, it’s advisable to decide on the style of film you’re wanting because this will narrow down your search criteria.

Check showreels and examples of films on videographers websites and Facebook pages, which should show their most recent work and also the style of their work. The different styles include cinematic, contemporary, documentary, music montage, fusion (photography and videography combined), stop-motion, marriokee etc.

Our films are ‘cinematic storytelling’ style. Story Of Your Day will tell your own individual wedding story in cinematic style, short-form film.

Some videographers offer a music only montage of the footage they’ve gathered during the day. Others offer snippets of the best bits of audio from your ceremony and speeches included in your film. Again, this is dependent on the style of film you’re looking for.

We feel that audio, both ambient sounds and clips from your ceremony and speeches brings your films alive so all our films include carefully crafted audio sound-bites in all your films.

2. What’s your budget?

Your budget will be determined by many factors and may also depend on how much you value your wedding film. In most cases the more you spend the better the result. Here’s recent article from Huffington Post on that subject.

If you cannot find the cost of commissions on a videographer’s website they will either have a price-list for packages they can send you or be able to offer you a bespoke service.

Always check what you are paying for? What is included in terms of filming and also delivery of your films. There may be additional costs for extra camera operators or extra hours and upgrades to film delivery available too.

We have a ‘starting price-list’ but our commissions are bespoke, available on request. We always suggest you speak to Emma Wilson, Creative Director at Story Of Your Day about the plans and wishes for the day.

3. What equipment will be used?

This might not seem important at first but could make all the difference if you’re wanting your videographer to ‘blend in’ to your wedding. Video cameras are usually larger, with DSLR set-ups being far less intrusive.  While most cameras are high definition it is worth asking the question. And are you looking for 4K? Most videographers are still working on broadcast quality HD.

What about sound? Make sure they have professional recording devices otherwise they won’t be able to pick up audio from your speeches and ceremony or the rest of the day, which is what brings your film alive.

Do they have lots of rigs, like steadicameras, large tripods, gimbels and cranes etc … these can be quite intimidating on the day for guests.

And then there’s lighting. Will your videographer have a light set up or use natural light or will they work in the same way as your photographer?

We use DSLR cameras with a monopod and small tripods for locked-off cameras during speeches and ceremony, we have professional personal mics, and those that link up to venues’ sound systems and we make the best of natural light throughout the day and evening.

4. Who will be filming and editing your wedding?

It’s becoming increasingly popular for videography companies to outsource not one but both filming and editing. Some couples may be comfortable with that scenario but it can mean that the films you’ve viewed on the videographers websites may be of a higher quality than you receive. It’s always best to ask this question when you chat to any videographer about their services.

It’s also important that you get along with your videographer, after all they are going to be spending the day with you and your guests.

We are transparent in our services. We offer our clients two options based on your budget, our Creative Team can film the wedding or Emma, the Creative Director. With whichever option you choose you will work closely with Emma on the lead up to your day and she will edit your film.

We only take on a small number of commissions each year to ensure that we give every wedding the same level of service.

5. Does your videography company work closely with vicars, celebrants and other suppliers?

Check the videographer will talk to all of these important people before the wedding day to make sure they’re across the logistics and permissions required for the day.

We do this without fail – it’s one of the most important parts of the planning process to make sure you have everything you need organised and then there are no surprises on the day.

6. What about a contract?

Make sure you have a contract between yourself and your videographer and they have clear and transparent terms and conditions you can agree to. This is to protect yourself as the client as much as the videographer.

All our clients sign a contract and we also send them a Q&A form after booking with the most commonly asked questions answered.

7. Will you need music licensing for your films?

All music used on your films must be licensed either for online use or with a Limited Manufacturers Licence for copies on disc, either DVD or Blu-Ray. Check if the cost and responsibility of licensing comes down to the videographer or you.

For anything that is streamed online we use cleared music from The Music Bed, Song Freedom and Soundstripe.

Music for longer format films exclusively on DVD or BluRay can be commercial tracks chosen by each couple or we buy the appropriate LML license.

8. Is your Videographer insured?

Ask the videographer what insurance there is in place for both public liability and indemnity. This is essential for most venues, who often request this on the day of the wedding.

We are fully licensed and insured. We have public liability and indemnity insurance for up to £10 million pounds.

Hengrave Hall Nick and Lizzie

9. Is your Wedding Videographer experienced?

What filming credentials does the videographer have and how long have they worked in film/television or the wedding industry? Is the videographer a recommended supplier of any reputable venues? Have they filmed at the venue you’re having your wedding. If not, what measures will they take to ensure they’re familiar with the venue on the day?

Story Of Your Day is the recommended videographer for many reputable venues throughout Europe. Our creative director, Emma Wilson, has more than twenty years experience in TV and Film and worked in the wedding industry for five years.

Emma is also a ‘Canon-recognised’ videographer and mentors and trains other up and coming videographers. She is the chosen videographer of discerning clients from all over the world.

10. Do you like them, their style and attitude?

This is essential. After all, they’ll be spending a very important day with you and your guests. What is the videographer’s attitude towards the photographer and other suppliers. It’s important to find a videographer that will work alongside the photographer and complement what they’re doing in order to get the best result at the end of the day.

Does the videographer direct the couple or leave this up to the photographer in a ‘shoot the shoot’ style of filming?

We work extremely closely with all suppliers, especially the photographer, to ensure the best possible results for the couple. We pride ourselves on the relationships we have built with other supplier and venues in the industry.

Oh and you’ll love us too!

“Not having met you before you arrived I was impressed about how easily we struck up a good rapport. Working with you was an absolute pleasure. As time went on I had complete trust in your ideas and I was really impressed with your creativity.”

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