Why you need to say NO to a wedding supplier

by | Apr 11, 2016

You don’t want to book me for your wedding film?

That’s absolutely fine.

I haven’t taken it personally… please believe me.

In fact.

Thank you so much for telling me ‘no’.

You’re actually more the type of client I want to work with than you know.

Because you have taken the time to get back to me.

Perhaps you understand the importance of this for someone who owns a small business, like so many other suppliers in the wedding industry.

We go out of our way to respond to your enquiry as fast as we can.

Some of us put together bespoke quotes for you to exactly meet your requirements.

This takes up time. Valuable time.

So we do appreciate it hearing back from you. Even if is because you DON’T want to book us.

Feedback? Even better.

My wedding film style isn’t to everyone’s liking.  That’s deliberate by the way.*

I’m out of your budget?

Well let me help you…

I know lots of people in the wedding industry and I can help you find the right wedding videographer for you. And I have done so on countless occasions.

Because for me it’s all about customer satisfaction.

You go away happy with the service your received from Story Of Your Day, whether you book me to film your wedding or not, and I am happy.

Many others in the industry would do the same for you.

But please.


Don’t leave us hanging.

Some wedding suppliers might even be holding your date open when they hear about how wonderful your wedding sounds. Not in writing maybe. Just in their head.

But I get it that you’re busy too.

That you’ve enquired with a long list of suppliers to pull your dream wedding together.

But believe me. At this time of year 50% of my enquiries are for dates I am already booked for.

But I don’t ignore that enquiry because I don’t need it.

In fact, I send recommendations through of wedding videographers I’ve found who are available, to make your life easier.

There’s nothing in it for me. I just realise you might still appreciate my assistance.

And that’s why I am grateful when you help me, for telling me no.

So from me, and thousands of other suppliers in the wedding industry, to you the potential clients…

Please find the time to let us know you’ve booked someone else.

I promise you.  We can take it.

And we will thank you for it.

Many thanks

Emma | Creative Director | Story Of Your Day

*see my ‘She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not’ article.

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