Unveiling the Trend: The Rise of Social Media Wedding Content Creators

by | Oct 6, 2023

Trust me, I’m a ‘Wedding Content Creator’ – and the prognosis for your wedding memories does not look good.

‘What you need for your wedding is a ‘Social Media Wedding Content Creator’…said no one EVER.  

But unbelievably this is the new upcoming trend that not only couples are talking about but now the whole wedding industry is getting its knickers in a twist about it … deliberating if it’s a good thing or a bad thing.

Of course … wedding vendors have been ALL OVER social media for some time now. Even when perhaps they should be working towards their ‘end game’ and focusing on the job in hand – decorating the venue, applying the bride’s makeup, taking photos (not for themselves and for their social media accounts but for their clients) and filming themselves or working on BTS films to promote their own Youtube channel.  However,  I know if I were my client I would want the person I’d commissioned for my day working towards. Well, my day! And certainly not their own social media content creation.  But more on that in a moment.

For now, let’s get back to the subject in hand.

So now it appears that even the couples are at it.  They want some of the action.  Many are asking for photos and film clips of their wedding on TikTok and Instagram Reels and other social media platforms and some are asking for Content Creators above all else.

An OPen Letter

So I thought I would write a candid open letter to all my clients, potential clients for the future and all those of you who have googled whether or not to have a Social Media Wedding Content Creator at your wedding.  

These musings are based both from my knowledge of filming weddings for over one decade as well as some first hand experiences of both dealing with ‘content creators’ on the day or in fact being asked to offer this service myself.

I recently filmed a beautiful elopement over two days.  I was commissioned alongside the Photographer as the Videographer.  What I didn’t realise was that the Photographer would also be gathering footage for reels. It was constant and severely impacted the day. Both in terms of capturing natural candid footage and doubling the time spent in any given location because the Photographer insisted on capturing extra moments, that had already been filmed and photographed, just for their reels.  It made for a very stressful few days.

As well as offer my thoughts, I also want to give a little to those people either just mulling it over or that think they absolutely cannot live without it on their wedding day.

So here goes.  I am a Destination Wedding Videographer. I have been filming weddings all over the world for over 12 years.  I describe myself, my company and my filming style in many different ways and arguably some folk might not agree with all the adjectives I use.  But there’s one that can not be denied and that is that I am a ‘professional’.

dealing with amateurs

One of the things that irritates me most and I find most challenging at weddings is when I have to deal with amateurs. They sometimes, simply because they are blissfully ignorant of the impact of their actions, inadvertently ruin moments in a live event which cannot be repeated.  You know like, standing in front of a camera, talking during speeches or the ceremony and the most common of all, filming or taking photos with their iPhones during crucial moments of the day like the ceremony and speeches or even when the bride is walking down the aisle.

So now there’s an additional challenge. The possibility of having another ‘professional’ (and in some cases, I am using this term loosely here) at the wedding and vying for space to capture moments alongside the Photographer and Videographer.  I can tell you that the one topic that comes up THE MOST in social media groups for wedding professionals is Photographers complaining and Videographers ruining their shots or taking over the day and vice versa …Videographers complaining about Photographers.

In my personal experience this rarely happens and that is because I talk to all suppliers I work with ahead of the day. That includes the Photographer, to ensure we can all work together in harmony for the good of the client.  It’s THEIR day not OURS.

But if we’re now adding another person to the mix that perhaps doesn’t even know how a wedding day works … or how to work on a wedding day alongside others … then there could be issues.  That’s why most Videographers, like myself, contractually request that there are no other Videographers  (and now add to that Video Content Creators) working at the same wedding.  Why?  Well we have to protect ourselves and ensure we can work effectively and in the end, that means looking after our clients too because the results will just be better this way.

keeping up with trends

But some people are still falling into the trap of keeping up with the current trends. To be honest, what could just be a short term fad.  Something that might sound like a good idea but unless it’s done properly could potentially be a very bad idea, and not just financially, but with much longer lasting negative effects that you can imagine.

I am writing this as an advisory and I hope this blog post will help you make an educated decision.

Before diving into the pros and cons of Social Media Wedding Content Creators, let’s establish the main difference between a Social Media Wedding Content Creator and a Professional Wedding Videographer.

the definition of a social media content creator

A Social Media Wedding Content Creator specialises in creating content for social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram Reels, YouTube, and more. Their focus is on capturing and curating visually appealing and engaging content that is tailored for online consumption and sharing. 

They often utilise creative editing techniques and trendy music to produce content that is optimised for social media algorithms and appeals to a wider audience.

what is the difference between a pro videographer

On the other hand, a Professional Wedding Videographer, like myself, is an experienced Filmmaker and I specialise in capturing and preserving the moments of a couple’s wedding day and for me especially at Story Of Your Day, creating a story which is more than just a wedding film.. 

My primary goal is to create a timeless, cinematic and beautiful film that tells a story.  Experienced Wedding Videographers have a deep understanding of the nuances and flow of a wedding ceremony and reception, ensuring they capture the key moments, emotions, and details that make each wedding unique. 

Our work involves using professional (and expensive) equipment, technical expertise, and post-production skills to create a polished and high-quality final product.

Here’s an example of where both social media content creation and wedding videography came into play on a recent commission, where I was filming an elopement.

This is ‘Behind the Scenes’ reel published on Instagram (I was only able to capture these excerpts on my phone due to having lots of time, filming over three days and not the usual time pressures of a wedding day)

The music might be removed on this clip due to licensing issues.

“We couldn’t believe that Emma shared the ‘Behind The Scenes’ films for instagram reels so quickly. We loved it and were able to send it to our family back home. But the official teaser was on another level and made us both cry. It was absolutely perfect.”

Michelle + Mike

While the couple loved this little reel, their reaction to watching it was nowhere near as emotional as when they watched the teaser that I delivered to the couple a day after filming finished.  

So now we’ve established some of the main differences. Let’s consider the impact of having a Social Media Wedding Content Creator at your wedding either in replace or or in addition to having a professional and experienced Wedding Videographer.

1. Unplugged versus online streaming or immediate posting

Times have changed … One minute having an ‘unplugged’* wedding is all the rage, where a couple ask their guests not to use their phones to take pictures of videos at their wedding.  The whole point of having an unplugged wedding is to ensure that the guests (and sometimes the couple too) remain in the moment.  Another real benefit of course is that is means easier management of what is shared from the wedding before the couple get to share their images and wedding film.

Having a Social Media Wedding Content Creator is the exact opposite of that – their main aim to capture and share photos and videos online as soon as possible on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok etc. So this means that there is little or no control from the couple themselves about what is being shared. This is a major point all couples should consider.

2. How many ‘likes’ make it worth it?

I don’t know about you but I really believe that a wedding is worth much more than a couple of outings on social media. Here today, gone tomorrow.  Catchy phrasing and hashtags for the wedding being the aim of getting as many ‘likes’ and comments as possible.  A wedding is a special time where moments captured are worth a lifetime of memories.

So the question here is, are we potentially diluting the importance of the day by replacing a Professional Wedding Videographer with a Social Media Content Creator? 

Just ask yourself – what’s the most important thing to you… a few hundred likes from strangers or memories that you can look back on with your friends and family for decades to come?

3. How far can the footage go?

I was engaged as a speaker at a wedding event for professionals a few weeks ago in Madrid and was extremely surprised to the see the Videographers filming the event were doing so in two ways.  One of the Videographers was literally filming with the camera in vertical the whole time for the purposes of social media content. I couldn’t help but wonder about the wasted footage that was being captured, that could only be used for vertical films and therefore could not be repurposed for anything else. That fact is, when a Videographer films in the conventional, landscape format it can so easily be repurposed in the edit, albeit with a tweak in the framing, and then used for all media coverage.

As a Wedding Videographer I am often asked to deliver my films for my clients to watch on their TVs or laptops but also reshape the film so it can also be shared on Instagram or TikTok and sometimes they can then also add their own music choice within the app they’re sharing it on …

Of course this is not delivered at an instant because the footage is carefully edited first but clients wanting to have a sneak peek from their wedding day or expedite the edit of their trailer can still get very fast results but at a much better quality.

Ultimately there is no long-term value in just having your wedding filmed in portrait mode for IG reels and Tike Tok etc … While social media content is great for immediate sharing, it may not hold the same long-term value as a professionally produced wedding video that can be cherished for years to come.

4. Get out of my way, I’m a content creator

I am frequently asked by my clients how much I am noticed by their guests when I am filming.  The answer is that I am unobtrusive and no more noticeable than a Photographer.  Add another Filmmaker / Photographer to the mix and we all start to stand out a little more.

And as I mentioned this briefly before, having another ‘body’ around on the wedding day in addition to a Photographer and a Videographer is not only much more intrusive for guests but it also impacts how the professionals work. Content Creators may inadvertently block important shots or disrupt the flow of the day with their own filming and ultimately limit the access and freedom of capturing the important moments.

I was recently approached by a planner to ask if I would provide a Content Creator service at her clients’ wedding. They already had a videographer and a photographer but now decided on this additional service.  I reluctantly put together an offer mindful of the fact that the videographer already commissioned should be considered and asked if this was a service they could offer as an upgrade.  I didn’t like the idea of me being the very idea of my own nemesis at a wedding.  And I was right … 

Both the Photographers and Videographers, just as I have done, had added a clause to their contracts to ensure that they retain some control over the situation, either by banning Content Creators completely for their commissions or only working those they have vetted first or indeed brought along as part of their own team.

So my advice would be to talk to your Photographer and Videographer before commissioning a Content Creator at your wedding to discuss the repercussions and also the options possible.  Don’t take it for granted that a last minute addition to the creative team is acceptable to other parties involved.

5. Connect with your guests or your ‘audience’

Another concern is that having a Social Media Wedding Content Creator at your wedding can take away from the intimate nature of the day for you both as a couple.

Instead of being present in the moment and fully experiencing the day, you may find yourself constantly aware of the Content Creator and worrying about how your wedding will look on social media and because it’s more immediate then your concerns will be heightened.

When you have a Videographer and Photographer, you control what goes online and what is shared.  With a Content Creator they are in charge of content. It goes without saying.

So the root of this is that this preoccupation with what’s being shared in the immediate moment could take away from the emotional connection you have with your partner and your guests.

6. You get what you pay for

There are all levels of videography services available … those for couples with a smaller budget and those in the luxury space where money is not an object and investment for a videographer is of the most important priority.  

In most cases, to have a Content Creator will probably be more affordable than a Professional Wedding Videographer. But if you only choose to have a Content Creator then it’s more likely that the final result will in no way match up to that of a film made by a Pro Videographer, the footage could be less quality and it might only be useful for sharing on phones and tablets.

This is often because the Content Creator will be less experienced and unable to capture the same depth and breadth of footage and of course audio from your day.  Content creation is also less time-consuming whereas a wedding videographer’s work only begins at the wedding and continues in post production where they are  also able to create a full-length video using expert editing skills.

To recap: while both Social Media Wedding Content Creators and Professional Wedding Videographers capture wedding moments, their approaches, objectives, and outcomes both on the day and after differ significantly. 

A few years ago a wedding blog stated that a bride’s single biggest regret was NOT to have a Wedding Videographer. I hope this isn’t updated to the present day where a couple’s biggest regret is to think a Social Media Content Creator could replace the skills of a Wedding Videographer but were very disappointed.

Whatever you might think of it, over the next few years the idea of having a ‘Social Media Wedding Content Creator’ at your wedding is going to be thrust your way … and it’s yet another expense that many people will feel pressured to make.

So, let’s cut to the chase. A wedding is one of the most significant days in a couple’s life, and the memories of that day should be cherished and preserved in the best possible way. While social media content might be a fun way to share snippets of the day with friends and family, let’s be real: it’s not a substitute for the emotional and sentimental value of a professionally made wedding film.

If you’re looking to preserve the memories of your wedding day in a comprehensive and lasting way, don’t settle for a few clips on social media. Invest in a Professional Wedding Videographer who understands the true value of capturing the essence of your special day.

Stunning Luxury Lake Como Elopement

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