You get what you pay for …..

by | Sep 15, 2013

While I was at a wedding fair a few weeks ago I overheard a potential groom tell his bride, who’d shown interest in having a wedding film, that she shouldn’t worry because someone would be filming it on their mobile phone. In all likelihood, he’s right. And if that’s the sort of quality of so-called film you’re looking for then that’s all very well.

As a professional film-maker with twenty years experience it also really frustrates me when I see the quality of what some other videographers are happy to provide.

As it is, with most things in life, you get what you pay for.  Yet I am very reasonably priced for what I offer because I am working in a very competitive market where everyone is looking for a bargain and where, unfortunately with the development of technology, every ‘Tom, Dick and Harry’ thinks they can take good photos and make good films.

I urge all couples who want to have a wedding day to remember on film to take the job of looking for a videographer as seriously as looking for a venue, photographer and any other supplier.

I have been trained as a camera director by the BBC. Arguably the best in the industry. I take my job very seriously and I recognise you only get one chance to capture a couples’ wedding.  You won’t find camera wobble in my films, out of focus shots, crash zooms or any other unprofessional looking filming.

There will be sound. It’s half the story after all .  Otherwise you might as well have a beautifully edited slideshow to music from your photographer. With sound from the ceremony and speeches and interviews throughout it brings another dimension to your film.

And finally, I work very closely with all other suppliers on the day to make a bride’s experience one to remember for all the right reasons.  Here’s what a photographer I worked with recently wrote about me. “After working with several videographers over recent years,  I can honestly say that Emma is the best I have worked with.  It was a real pleasure to work alongside her.  Her work is first rate and her desire for us to work together to obtain the best results possible for the wedding couple was both refreshing and effective.”

I offer tips …. 12 in fact, to help you make sure you’re getting a professional videographer.  But in the end it’s vital that as well as all the insurances and licenses they might hold, they make beautifully crafted films …. just like mine.

Thanks, Emma

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