Just Do It: Brave New Adventures in Switzerland

by | Nov 9, 2016

This is just a little blog post to update everyone on my latest adventure. Tied in with the message of (sorry to quote Nike) Just Do It.

You can do anything you want to…

The only person that is stopping you is you.

This is something I have learnt in the past few months while I deliberated whether a temporary move to Switzerland over the winter for myself and my family would be possible.

But here I am sitting on the balcony of our beautiful chalet. On the nursery slopes overlooking the car-free village of Wengen in the Jungfrau region of Switzerland.

And I know it now. Anything is possible.

It’s taken a lot of hard work and determination and without blowing my own trumpet I am actually really proud of myself for getting this done… picking up my life and my family’s life and bringing it here.

Our little chalet even stars on this postcard.

With military precision arranging a gorgeous apartment in a lovely chalet in a prime position, organising the boys into the local viillage school, and registering and ‘importing’ the family hound Harry.

I am also now having to juggle shorter ‘working days’ but luckily there’s an after-school club here so I can stay on schedule, although I am determined to work on my mummy-mode while I am here too.

I have always defined myself as a working mum and been a little embarrassed about having to blend work and family. Sometimes my guilt is about my two boys and sometimes it’s about me putting work aside and being with them.

But it looks like here I can have the best of both worlds. Concentrate on my gorgeous wedding film business while spending and sharing very memorable moments with my family to cherish in the future.

I just wish I had someone here filming me and my family… because I know my memories will fade in time and a film would help me relive them over and over again.

Oh wait. If I want that enough. I can get that organised. What’s stopping me?

So what are you delaying until tomorrow or next week or next year which you could do today?

Take it from me.

If you want it bad enough. You can have it.

P.S Watch out for some wonderful weddings from Switzerland I’ll be filming in 2017. The first one at Suvretta House in St Moritz.

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