What makes Story Of Your Day different?

by | Sep 27, 2016

“We’ll tell YOUR story”

“We’ll capture your day and retell your wedding story”

“Your story is beautifully captured”

Virtually all wedding videographers have the same message these days.

Whatever their style of filmmaking, telling your wedding story, is what they promise when you commission them to film your day.

This is a blog post behind how I authentically and honestly do that and why.

I am not at all sure that when I came up with the name of my business, Story Of Your Day, I was on to a good thing or not.

Why? Because three years ago, when I first decided I wanted to get into wedding filming seriously, I was trying to come up with an authentic name that would reflect my ethos and philosophy perfectly.

Back then I was working for the BBC as a journalist. It’s a career that spanned 20 years. Most people in the industry would say being a journalist was more of a vocation or a way of living than a job… my inquisitive mind, search for the truth and eye for the detail is something that I don’t ever think will go away.

Telling stories is all I’ve known. Working with people to help bring the best out of them and help them tell their own story is second-nature to me.

So why wouldn’t I call my company Story Of Your Day?

If you commission me to film your wedding, we’re in partnership to tell your story.

I won’t just rock up to your wedding and film the day.

I’ll get to know you properly first. Find out about you as a couple. Discover what’s important to you both, what makes you tick.

The more you tell me about you and the more you share about yourselves when we meet up, the more I can connect to you and your story.

Like when I filmed the wedding of Rachael and James in Sorrento… There was a lot of organising to do before the day itself, which involved us chatting on Skype on several occasions. We got to know each other really well.

They told me they weren’t having a first dance because they ‘weren’t lovey dovey’, their day was a party and celebration with all their friends and family.

Sorrento Destination Wedding Film

When I arrive in Sorrento I spent a day with them on a pre-shoot.  It was as much about getting them relaxed in front of the camera as it was to capture some pre-wedding footage of them in the city.

But on the wedding day itself, something came up time and time again. Something they hadn’t told me when we’d met or spoken about on our Skype conversations.

This was a couple who’d faced a hard year last year. It was mentioned in the service and in most of the speeches, even the groom acknowledged it.

I banked this information in my head, like any good journalist or detective, and when it came to putting their wedding film together it wasn’t long before I was reminded about it.

At first, I’ll be honest, the cynic in me thought maybe they’d broken up last year, but no. There was something more to this.

In the end I decided I just couldn’t put their film together without asking the question.  So I did.

When Rachael replied I was shocked.  But in that moment, everything about the day, about them as a couple made perfect sense.

Last year Rachael had been very ill. She’d been through several operations and treatment for cancer.

That’s what everyone had been talking about that day. And why their reading in the ceremony had been so important to them. It was poignant and it was the truth.

Suddenly everything fell into place for me. As a film creative and a story-teller I was able to translate this into Rachael and James’s beautiful film.

It was a real story. Their story. And they just so happened to be getting married.

As Rachael says: “James and I aren’t a lovey dovey couple and don’t like PDAs. Emma respected that (but we did manage some short ‘pecks’!!) She made us feel completely comfortable and it was so apparent that she has a genuine ‘eye’ and talent for a good shot.”

“When Emma sent us the trailer we watched it countless times, as well as our friends and family. We’re both teachers and we’ve even shown it to our kids in school! It is beyond our expectations and is so special to have. We can’t thank you enough for capturing our special day the way you did and we can’t recommend you enough!”

Of course, everyone’s story is different.

It’s my job to recognise it, film it and tell it.

It’s my experience that allows me to do that so well.

Ask me about any of my couples and I’ll tell you their story.  It means when they get their films to watch, they recognise that story and they fall in love with their film because they truly know it’s unique to them.

Take Rich and Sally.

I love this film. It’s simple but so totally perfectly accurate.

Richard waits at the top of the aisle for Sally for what seems like forever … because in real life he waited for years to win her back and rekindle their romance.  At the end of the film the wait was over, just like in real life.

Sally and Rich said after: “Emma and her team were professional throughout the day, at times we were unaware that they were filming which meant we got the most honest & natural footage we could have ever wished for.”

“The trailer was truly stunning and told not only the story of our day but incredibly told ‘our complete story’, it was simply amazing and very emotional. What we have got from Emma is a memory of our day that is truly magical and greater than we could have ever imagined.”

If you’re looking for a videographer to just film your day then I am not the right videographer for you.

If you’re looking to have your story told. Truthfully, honestly and by someone whose every being is about telling stories, then give me a call.

I’m ready to hear yours.

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